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Hair of the Dog Pet Grooming London

I found David at Hair of the Dog to be really knowledgeable, talented and caring to boot.
My Westie, Clara, looked a million dollars once David had worked his magic. I have previously been quite disappointed elsewhere but I have never been happier with Clara's appearance.

Jocelyn - Bedford Park

I'm so pleased I've found Hair of the Dog!
If you have got a nervous dog like my Walter then going to the groomers is always a nightmare. They took the time to relax him, there was no rushing. He ended up sitting in the bath and on the table as good as gold. The grooming room in their lovely garden is just such a relaxing place.

Sharon - Brentford

David's expertise is evident, from the advice and recommendations proffered to the quality and precision of the cut.

Mr. Hill, Strand On The Green

I would whole heartedly recommend Hair of the Dog to all dog owners, particularly if their dog is nervous or never had a "grown up" grooming before. David did a fantastic job on our 14 month old Sussex spaniel, Ben. It was Ben's first time and he hates hairdryers and clippers. But David put Ben completely at ease and did exactly what we wanted. And the cost was incredibly reasonable. So if you want the best for your dog, Hair of the Dog is the one to choose!

Sue Holley - Barnes



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